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Vibrams/Running Shoes

Well lately, I keep telling myself that I need to get back into shape, eat healthy, the whole nine yards. But I can never motivate myself to workout and stick with it. Always excuses: shoes suck, sore everywhere, back pain, etc. But frankly I'm just sick of being out of shape (could stand to lose a healthy 30 pounds and tone up), constantly being unable to catch my breathe no matter what I'm doing (even sitting I always seem short of air. I'll be frank this post will be a little lengthy.

Little background, haven't excercised at all really since early high school (about 6 years ago). Diet sucks, but I'm trying to work on it but I can't tolerate green foods, another topic for a different time. Was involved in a Snowmobile accident 7 years ago, broke both femurs. 7 weeks ago I had a rod removed from my right femur (from that accident) in an attempt to eliminate the constant intense pain in my right leg and knee. So far it feels the best it has in 5 years, so I don't want the pain to return because my legs and body are too weak and straining it.

I'm in need of a good pair of running, workout, and possibly biking (might buy a bike finally once winter is over). I figured I would finally start working out by beginning with running (it's free and I can do it anywhere), as the nearest gym is 30 minutes away and I can't afford to spend money on gas and membership fees, plus I don't have time for the extra commute. I want to buy products that will help eliminate some of the pain I'm having and help me want to workout. Once I get a running routine setup, I'll start transistioning into weight lifting and more fitness workouts, but gotta start somewhere and my legs and lungs are what need desperate help. I don't plan to do any real long distance, I want to eventually to be able to do 5-10 miles runs a few times a week once I can.

A little location info: currently I live out in the country in central MN (winter time, hopefully see some snow soon), nearest town in 10 miles away, so mainly hard gravel roads to run on (about 3 miles to tar). Plenty of nice flat terrain though and fresh air

I've been doing a little searching on here and the great Google and came across the Vibram shoes. I do like the idea, because I do prefer barefoot walking compared to shoes as I can never find ones that fit just right, and walking that way is more comfortable to me.

Who here all have them and what are your thoughts on them? I'm specifically interested in feedback from running on gravel/dirt roads, pavement, and also just as a workout shoe (as these are my intended uses). Anyone have model recommendations? How are they with sweat? I'm like a leaky faucet How do they fair against wear and tear from hard surfaces and what's a reasonable life they'll survive?

Pricewise they're almost the same as others I can find locally than besides the options that just plain suck unless I make a trip to a larger town where they'll have Asics, Nike, etc. on hand and a large selection with better shops, but I don't believe there are any local running stores to check out. I'm fine with ordering them online if needed.

If you would recommend against me getting Vibrams, what other shoes would be on the list to consider? I need to get shoes regardless before I can start running anyways as I don't have a pair of shoes that will work without breaking my ankles and knees in the process. I'm thinking running shoes might be an appropriate Christmas and New Years present.
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