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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
Not a fan of single elimination. I know its on another day but that means you get a team together and travel for what might be two games. It would be fine if it were tacked onto the end of the day I was already there and had played a bunch of games but I am not travelling to a day of paintball that only gaurentees me two games.
Hmmm... good point - forgot about "Travel Teams". And it's even worse than you say. Single elimination guarantees only ONE game... That has a high potential for "suck".

So the options are:
Another Round-Robin.
Double Elimination.

Either has the benefit of getting more money to the field owner buy making the season a little longer.

Of the two I would like to see another Round-Robin, simply because every team plays every other team, and then use single elimination for tie-breakers.

Would that be a bit more palatable to you'se guys?

I know that I expressed everything in "Weeks" but for the particularly hearty field crew, it could all be run in "DAYS".

It could be introduced as "whatever gun you want" League - but keep the hopper and paint limitations. If the league works out, add more divisions. Open, Mech, BB, Pump, Stock, and...

Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
Loving your topic drift. I think that would be an awesome format. Have an AC division an AM division a BB division etc
I think it would rock as well. We'll call it "Manufacturers Cup". You think your gun is the best... Now prove it!

Additionally - Young Guns, Adult, and Old Fart divisions (dreamin' huge, I know - but why not).

And for those who need to burn a LOT of paint in a short amount of time, "Unlimited League" .68 caliber paintballs at 300 fps. Outside of that, go for it. (yup... dreamin' super huge).

But for the record, I still think the goons with the blow-backs will have the most fun. I mean, how cocky and "punk kid" can you get with a mech blow-back...(eh... I'm sure someone will find a way).
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