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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
Two points:

1) the "barefoot running" fad isn't all it's hyped to be; look at other running shoe options
2) see a pedorthist and get a video gait analysis, maybe orthotic insoles

I could barely walk on account of foot pain. The pedorthist started with slow mo video of me walking on a treadmill followed by recommending certain types of runner and not others. (I had no idea there were different types of support, denoted by a grey rubber section on the inside arch)
Are you a roller? That's what I've seen the grey bars used for, my father got the anti-roll new balance shoes and hasn't had nearly the foot pain he had prior to them.

More related to the OP: I have a pair of five fingers and I love them. I've always liked the feeling of the ground on my feet, I just didn't like the pain of a sharp rock or twig going into my foot. I got the komodosport and they have a thicker sole to them then the other models. I tend to run and walk on my toes and that is more what these shoes are intended, a lot of pain in my feet has gone away since I've started using the five fingers, and more specifically thin soled shoes (I wear puma trend shoes with a nice thin sole typically).

I won't say that they are the be all end all of shoes, but I really do like mine.
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