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Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
Hey guys,

so I misplaced my Logitech MX518 literally used it a couple days ago and now it's nowhere to be found and I've literally torn my house apart looking for it. I've taken this as a sign maybe it's time to upgrade. With that said any mid range gaming mouse will be a huge step up from 1800dpi (which is still twitchy fast but now mice are on the market that 5700-6000+dpi) so I've been doing some research and I'm looking into a Razor Orochi or perhaps a Death adder or something of that nature. With that said what do you guys normally run as your gaming rodent of choice? If you could provide a short review of your particular mouse from a user standpoint that would be helpful too.
i use a logitech g400 and i love it. 5 buttons are OP
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