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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
The cost to participate would be $30/person/game at the example field - that price would change at different venues due to differences in local tax, operating costs, paint costs, etc.... The example field states that they must have a minimum of $300 to open the field. For 20 teams, he would get $3,600 (20x3=60 players. 60 players x $30 field fee =$1,800. Since there are preliminaries and Finals - it's $1,800x2 of $3,600) - not including paint sales beyond the initial 500/player. So for $30 a renter gets gun, mask, hopper, 500 paintballs, and pods. If every player brought his own equipment, he would normally pay $15 in field fees, but for the league he still pays $30, SO the $15 per player that would normally go to pay for rental equipment now goes in the field owner's pocket. Meaning if EVERYONE brought their own equipment, Freddie Fieldowner gets an extra $1,800 - and that's before he sells any paintballs - sold at about a 50% profit margin from what I have been able to dig up (it's a fair bet that even with the restricted hopper, these guys will go through the initial 500 balls pretty quickly).
[But then, does it really cost $15 to run a Tippmann 98 for three hours?]

Will it be enough? eh... We may need to charge a little more for the privilege of being in the league. Either way, the minimum limit for week-day play is a decent starting point.

Your team is made up of the three players on your roster. Roster must be provided to referees prior to playing first game in first match. No changes to the roster are permitted (unless you can get the people running the league to agree to it).
You an do this one of a couple of ways: one fee, up front, for each team to play in the league, which encompasses three nights of play, Semi Finals, and Finals, plus 1500 rounds of paint each time. Basically $30 times 5 times of play, so $150 per person, or $450 per team. Now, this means that they role the dice with being able to play all five times, winning it all or not. If they make it to Finals, great, they got their money's worth. If not, and only did the three prelim days of play, well, hopefully they better next time. It is your choice if you want to give them the extra paint or not. And you don't give it to them all at once, you give them 1500 rounds at each time that they are there. The downside, that is $150 up front, probably more for paint at each time they play, and no guarantee of playing all five times. The upside, teams that pay will be there until they can't be there, meaning they didn't make the cut.

Also, the promoter, you, has money now for prizes, no matter what you do. Short of only four teams signing up.

Or they pay piece by piece. This means that the teams pay anywhere from one week to day of the games, and don't pay extra. On the plus side, teams may show you more interest. On the down side, you will probably have to pay the field out of pocket every week, and hope that people pay you on time, or by day of. Also, lack of a commitment by the players.

And no extra funds there for awards or prizes.

Personally, I think that a team should be that team all through the league. They can have up to four people, to act as a stand in if someone can't make it or gets hurt. Also players are on one team, and only one team for the league season. Otherwise, let us say that Lohman446 shows up with two different guys every time, and does well enough to get into Semi Finals, and then Finals. Someone, if not a few teams are going to be ticked if he gets to Finals, yet they didn't make it past prelims. Or if I play with two teams, yes, it will cost me more money, but what happens if both of my teams have to play one another in Semi's or Finals? One team is getting screwed, especially if they don't have an alternate.
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