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OG Toxic Matrix

Toxic Matrix

Toxic eyes
Gen2 Image bolt
ironman breech
ccm lowrise
Hybrid hpr
hybrid lpr
toxic spike vols
custom milled dm3 frame
Tadao 5.0 M3 board
CP trigger annoed to match
hybrid killer grips

great shooting gun, was going to add it to my collection but in the end the body does have some flaws and im looking for something in near pristine condition.

or 180$ without the tadao, and you can pick up a lcd eye board for it (avg 20$)

doesnt include the freak barrel, just using it for the photos

will also do a 2-4-1 with a Fishbone cocker i have as well

looking for dm12s and Geo2.1s maybe other high ends depending on the offer
can i borrow some paint...ill give it right back!!


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