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As long as you have a RT Pro and not a Retro Mag you're good to go with the ULE kit as stated in the above. Although I love the RT effect of the X-Valve (and it's retro predecessors), after setting up mine with a ULE trigger kit and properly tuning the shims, I've kept it exactly like that because I love the crazy crazy speeds that it can get up to - especially with the advent of the LX bolt and force feed loaders (switched from a Halo B to Magna to Rotor which would seem to be the fast hopper I've ever owned). Like I said I loved the retro effect on the trigger pull, but it is what it is. Although it's for an almost completely different purpose/function, I keep my gun setup so I can trip the trigger and shoot ropes fast than a lot of the electropneumatic guys on ramp...
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