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Glad I read this cuz I was about to post this game lol.

Anyway, Military Assault Gear (that would be me) will be hosting a SNIPER Contest! It will be $5 entry with ALL proceeds going to the charity. Tiberius Arms has donated some items and the winner will get a special prize, one of which will be $50 gift certificate to my store! Players will be using my Tiberius 9.1 with the Lapco rifled barrel. It has already been chronod and sighted in to 150 ft. Purpose of this is to further help the charity since there are so many prizes being donated already.

Points will be awarded for each hit (12 in pizza pie tins). Targets are set up at 100ft, 150, 200, 250, 300, & 350ft. Winner with the most points wins!!

Any questions please feel free to post up. For those going please stop by my booth and say hi. The SAR12 will be there as long as the new Scarab Arms TGR2 marker at my booth.
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