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Originally Posted by Brother Jerry View Post
Rick and crew (new T-dog, Michonne, Daryl) go to save Glen and Maggie. Michonne sneaks them into the town. They rescue them.

new T-Dog gets shot buy a guy that Rick imagines is Shane, Rick ends that guy.

Daryl stays behind to cover their backs, and is captured.

Michonne broke off from the rest of them to hunt down the Governor...while sitting in his office waiting for him, he hears Penny milling about....discovers the heads in the aquarium and Penny in the closet. Ends Penny and gets into fight with Governor...puts his eye out with a shard of glass and then confronts Andrea....walks past and gets out.

The Governor throws Merle under the bus by calling him a spy for the terrorists that just attacked the town. Tosses in Daryl as well for a family reunion.


Now you have to hang on until Feb...just like the rest of us

you forgot the other big spoilers...


and well... a few other peeps from the comic: Alan, son Ben (older than comic, with no twin brother), and wife Donna

and one not from the comics... a new character Sasha who's supposed to be Tyreese's sister.

but anyways... TYREESE IS FINALLY ON THE SHOW! i wonder what they're going to do with him, considering he's being introduced to the show at a time where in the comic, it was close to his end.
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