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Hate to break it to you Jerry, but I guarantee you some day your Cyclone will let you down.

I'm a BIG fan of the cyclone myself, but that random day where it decides to not ratchet properly, double feed or whatever else have you, you will want an alternate for your marker.

Most of my Tippys are 98 derivatives, so having a feedneck on hand was never a problem, but I do think I will be getting something like this in the future for my A5s. For my purposes, an Eye Force has saved the day on more than one occasion. However, Is this feedneck worth $70? Probably not. I'll look into the cheaper one myself.

As for the harder to hit part, they're playing into the idea that the width of the Cyclone body makes a bigger frontal target no matter what the circumstance. Personally, I HAVE been hit on the cyclone body a few times, but no more than getting hit in the feedneck of my 98. Being as this still sticks out to the side, I'ma gonna call BS on that one.

Every paintgun has it's problems, Tippmanns included. Yaay for choices.
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