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VM-68 questions/projects

Well, after all the talk of Sheridans I keep hearing about, i finaly decided to get one. Probably the first of many... I just aquired a "Box O' VM-68" in a trade for one of my shocktech cockers. I currently have 1 working VM(needs to be chrono'd still but it fires) and think I have the parts to get at least 1 more up before I have to start hunting for parts here. Heres everything I got that I can locate:

2x Standard VM bodies w/feed adapters
1x Magnum style body w/side air port, no feed adapter
1x custom machined body w/removed asa, no feed adapter

2x Complete trigger assemblies
2x Trigger housings and a bag of assorted trigger parts, looks like its only missing the trigger, not sure
4x Grip lugs(?)
4x Lonestar grips
1x Lonestar bottomline adapter
4x Hand guards
1x VTS adapter

2x Stock bolts
2x Stock hammers
1x Maximizer kit
4x Upper rear plugs
2x Lower rear plugs
2x Rear tank adapters
3x Valves (one is drilled out)
3x Cup seals
2x Spring guides
3x Springs

3x Stock barrels, 2 were ported and 1 of those was cut to 4-5"
1x 16" SmartParts All-American
1x 14" JJ Ceramic (NIB or ANIB, still has bag it came in)
1x 12" Dye Stainless

1x Factory valve tool
1x Custom valve tool
At least 3 of every screw
Also got an m4 style front shroud, cary handle and front sight for looks.

Heres the pic that was sent to me with most of what I have The top VM with the m4 parts is currently up and running, I just pulled the trigger off of the one below it and bolted it on and it worked.

Now that I have a standard inefficient VM to play with I'm looking to build a consistent/efficient setup, I was looking at using the vts and an expansion chamber but heard that a reg will give me better results. If the answer is expansion chamber, what ones that are on the market would you recomend(or who has one dirt cheap). If reg is the way to go, would a vigilante with high presure spring do it, I may have one of them around here still. If I can't find it or it won't do what are my options(I'm expecting to hear stabilizer....out of my budget)I'm looking to build an efficient renegade gun so I don't have to worry about running out of air in the middle of the day. I will be running it on co2 with almost no chance of hpa.

What setup would you recomend? VTS with exc, backbottle with reg, reg in front asa with exc in the vts and bottle in bottom line? I have a standard body, magnum body and a custom body to work with so I'm fairly certain I have many options.

I know that the Armotech/Miltech/Warsensor lines of markers are based off of the VM, what parts are interchangeable if any. I mostly want to know if the ball detents are compatible since i only have 2 used ones and don't feel like paying $15 for a piece of stamped rubber on eBay.

I also remember that I was told the maximizer kit has issues, something about the bolt but I don't remember at the moment. I'll ask about that in the next week or so. I will be wanting to use this if I can get everything operational right? From what I remember lighter moving mass = less air required to cycle = better efficiency? Its been a while since I last tweaked a blowback so im a bit rusty...

Thanks for anything you can help me with.
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