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Looks like you guys missed my post:

You guys should really check out that video, to get even a glimpse of what the zoom provides. The Ragecam lens is a working product. It does what it says. It's not fully plug and play as it requires opening the camera, removing the lens, cutting a plastic lip off, and then threading in the lens until you get your desired focus distance.

I personally set my focus to 75yds (measured via a rangefinder). I'll see if I can post my test footage (purely good for evaluating the lens as it's not gameplay but simply down my street). As you get closer or further from the focus, there is some degradation but, the zoom appears to compensate well enough to make out paintball impacts at any feasible impact distance beyond 75yds. On the short range side of the focus, I think your target needs to be at least 10-15yds away to make out anything (I'll review my footage to confirm) but then, if your targets that close, the helmet cam at 1080P will pick it up.

Possibly Tomorrow or Wednesday, I may be able to do a dual Contour HD and the GoPro with the zoom lens so you can directly compare.

In my opinion, FreeEnterprise's system will most likely blow the GoPro (even with the zoom lens) out of the water in terms of video quality. However, he and I have different operational concepts. In my videos, the helmet cam is (and will be) the primary, while the gun cam is secondary, and only visible during a shot. In my opinion, this reduces the importance of high quality video on the gun cam, and resolution/zoom is key.

Here's a video I did with a fully custom setup which did a decent job but, while the camera head was small (A lipstick/bullet camera with a 30mm wide zoom lens), the recording unit and battery pack was about the size of the bible left in hotel rooms and, the wire between it, and camera head was prone to failure. The camera also only recorded at 480P and, had didn't have the greatest auto white balancing. But, the video illustrates the concept (the crosshair will not be carried forward, and I didn't set my helmet cam for 1080P):

In regards to the size of my setup or even FreeEnterprise's, when you're doing this type of long range shooting (he's using an apex a lot of the time, and I'm always shooting FS rounds), I have never felt the need to worry about the size of my setup and I suspect FreeEnterprise is having a similar experience.

Finally, I was just answering why I specifically wouldn't buy FreeEnterprise's product and sharing my concept with him and the rest of us. I honestly think he's building a system with a lot of potential and it will probably make at least a few folks very happy.

No I saw it. I think it looks and works great. I'm in.

Can you get crosshairs on the lens that don't change the POI when you zoom?

I am waiting for a scope/rangefinder/camera for paintball.

I can mount my camera to a scope now but the crosshair changes when you zoom.Which will change the POI.

I always like to encourage people to "go for it" and not get discouraged.

If it doesn't sell , make a better one.
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