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Wizbaa Machine Works - CCI Powertubes!

EDIT: Well I messed these tubes up, the valve end is to long. Im working on a part to salvage the ones I have done. More details here:interesting power tube options

I'll have more material in soon and will make more, but these are on hold temporarily.


Hello MCB,

I've spent many hours this past year getting these things right, and im finally ready to put these into production. I'll be updating this thread as I go, usually only a few at a time because these are all spun by me on my lathe.

Here's a good shot of the difference in port size between my custom powertube , and a stock CCI P/T. Look closely and you'll see the trimming i've done to the brass cup.

The ports in my P/T are .155". 2 ports X .155 = .310" total

the port in the CCI P/T are .088". 3 ports X .088 = .264" total

The threads on my Tubes are also 10-32 as opposed to 6-32 on the CCI tubes. These are much stronger, and will never snap off in your valve.

As seen above, the ID of my tubes are also larger than stock the stock CCI P/T. Here's a thread comparing the IDs of a bunch of different P/ts.

The larger port sizes will increase you velocity by aprox 25fps for the .1875" ID and the .200" ID will increase it by a reported 40fps! These are very effective with short barreled guns, and in low pressure set ups. Each tube comes fitted with a modified cup and seal, with additional seals becoming available later.

Current Stock:
3 - .1875 ID
2 - .200 ID

SALES ON HOLD!!!$35 each, + $5 S/H.

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