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I have found that trying to put a dot or reticle on your video at the front end just doesn't work for paintball. We aren't shooting guns where you can dial it in, and that is why I use an Apex for almost all of my stuff. The apex allows a flatter shot, than a regular barrel but the drop of a paintball is part of the issue with zoom systems, and the reason you can't go crazy and go full 10X zoom and expect to see your hits.

I film at 5X or 6X (unless I am doing something with a fixed distance like revolutionary war). So I may shoot and if I am close (75 feet) the shot may be at the top of the screen.

Then if I shoot at 200 feet, the shot is at the bottom of the screen.

If I am shooting at 300 feet, the target is often below the screen and you can't see them... Because we are "lobbing" paint. Especially at that kind of range. You guys don't "See" that as I edit it to put it in the center of the screen in post production. (I also zoom in even more than the native files...)

The cool thing about my system is you have a nice video camera that you can use for your family... Or anything else you need. When you are ready to play paintball, drop it in the ZoomCam enclosure, and go play. Afterwords, take it back out and it is your normal videocamera.

So $350 of the cost is in the videocamera by itself. The technology is changing so fast, that you could buy one on sale or "refurbished" and save quite a bit of the cost off that piece right off the top...

Good discussion btw. Thanks for all the input!
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