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I am thinking the best thing you can do for your machine is to just break down and buy a new dyna valve pin (tapered one is the best) and a new valve spring and main spring from palmers.
As far as polishing the valve cup seal surface goes you just take valve apart and first run a tapered polishing tip inside valve and then a flat tip for the end where cup seal rests. (soak your tips in water for a while and use mothers mag polish).
If the above doesn't do the trick for you, your just going to have to send it to me.

( I have just opened a School Camp for obstreperous, disruptive, undisciplined, fractious, head strong, mutinous, rebellious, wayward and unmanageable ).
Your marker is a prime canadite for my school.
You must call me (post) as soon as possible as this can spread to any other marker you have or have touched. (Its called attitude and its not good)
Obviously special schooling costs mucho bucks so be sure to send plently of green backs with your marker.
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