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Talking Hello! + gun advice

Hi there guys,
I'm a rec player on a student budget . I currently shoot my abomination of an Ion, Grendel. However, I like to run and move and I find that my gun slows me down and is larger than necessary for my play style. So I'm selling some stuff to pick up a new marker.

I don't need a ridiculous ROF, I find that I play far better with limited paint. This being said, the only thing scaring me away from a vsc phantom is bunkering multiple people. I tend to bite off more than I can chew when playing up close and I find that a quick follow up shot can save my bacon more time than not.

I'm looking into a pump with A/T but I would be open to a small semi (pistols?). Lastly and most importantly, I play to have FUN. The fun aspect of a gun can be a deal breaker (for example, can I hold it one handed so I can wield a foam sword to add pizzazz to my barrel tags? ). Also, I'm looking for some buddies to play with, anyone in socal who wouldn't mind loaning me a pump for a game?
Thanks in advance, Panda
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