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Originally Posted by RuleOfSines View Post
If you plan on making changes, all you really need is the Ram, unless you are willing to build your own. I'll get some pictures for you tomorrow to show what modifications are needed to the shells in order to just drop a kit straight in. If you have plans for eyes however the board has to be replaced anyway, and you may tire of the Tippmann LPR ASA, it isn't very good.

I'd probably be willing to part with the LPR if you really want to try it, I have no intentions of re-installing it on my marker at this point. It works, however it had to be re-adjusted constantly. It seemed to allow for pressure spikes which would vent out the noid.

Eyes are definitely a neat upgrade, but to do them neatly requires further machining inside the shells. I got to the point of drilling the hole for them and testing before I stripped the whole thing back down.
any suggestions on what to use besides the Tippmann ASA/LPR? I like it just because I want this to be custom yet still true to Tippmann. While I plan on milling and smoothing most of the gun, the name milling on the side will stay.
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