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I understand what you mean by how big/heavy your setup is. I use a mini , empire b and 68ci and i think its heavy. The tank and hopper are what make it hard to use. I just bought a TiPX and a Phantom and out of the 2 , I would take the phantom anyday. Light, air efficient and a great feel. I am now looking to sell my pistol and get an open-class pump like a Sanchez Machine

Even myself I find using my mini I would get hyped up and start using paint way more than I wanted to and made it hard to control with the light trigger. The Phantom forces me to slow down and actually makes me use less paint which I love. Moving on to pumps over my electros made the game better for me and suggest the same for yourself. Like heinous said , the hopper makes a big difference and thats why I dont like my invert as much anymore
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