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Schmittwerks Sharp Stuff (New Photo 12/29/2014)

Just a home for the knives I will be selling here... if the thread gets too long I will post new threads with items for sale.

Current list of projects in order:

1: Drop Point Sample
2: Mod
3: Deuce
4: idkfa
5: Chopper Duke
6: deathwish_DW
7: danssoslow

I will fit other non custom work in as needed to pay the bills.. so if I make something before I pick your name off the list, please don't get mad at me.

Approximate total cost is 2x the cost of materials... or a minimum of materials plus $65 for labor and shipping. Prices reflect material costs and are subject to change.

Until then.. the eye candy:




CLose up of guard and spacers... they actually line up along the back... it's just the angle of the camera so I had enough light:

And no.. that yellow piece of spacer does not need to be that long.. it was the end of the card and I just haven't trimmed it yet.

New knives coming... inlcuding a blem of the last one... same blade, non mirror finish, still need to pick out hardware and wood.

And the originating thread where there have been discussions and what not:
Custom made Knives... any interest? (with some pics)


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