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Originally Posted by Bloop View Post
Jesus effin chrsit ALIMGHTY this badassaurus is IMPOSSIBLE to kill.

Oh yeah, and I have tons of legendary weapons n stuff that I'm willing to clone, just send me up on xbox.
here tip on how to kill barrier. after you die from him you stand behind the barrier before you go in to the room. you hide behind it and move back when to take you out at the barrier. all you do is aim for huge oil cans since there the weak spot of thing. that how i beat badassurus. also you can walk back vending machine to stuck up on ammo. not sure what class your are. but if axton you can drop your gun pod over barrier and have it soot up badassaurus while you shoot it gun that has huge clip that shoots slag bullets. that was only way i was to kill him. also now he to hard since he stronger then lv 50 version now. or you can follow what borderlands 2 wiki tips on how to kill him. i found it better to hide behind the barrier and kill it.
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