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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
Thats funny we were doing the water cooler Walking Dead talk and my idea was chain mail! We were arguing over swords to use and my choice would be 2 naval cutlasses with the basket hilt. Nice slashing weapon! Ya, that would be fun! Can't wait for the virus! Feyd..............
I'd go with the katana, like Michonne. I was just watching Modern Marvels on the History Channel and they were doing the top 10 weapons. The katana (Samurai sword) was on the list because of the overall agility and sharpness of the blade. They showed the guy hacking through a 3" thick stalk of bamboo with a hatchet and a machete, just splintered it a bit. Then they showed him go at it with the sword, one swipe, clean through. They were designed so you could cut someone in 1/2 from the clavicle to the groin in 1 swing. Freaking bad-A weapon...yeah, that's what I would use.
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