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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
how much resistance is the trigger return spring adding? the stock CCI hammer/sear to bolt interface doesn't take much to let go... I've never cut the sear down on one of them and I don't really recommend it unless you've got an extra one in the parts kit... may cause it to catch unreliably and fire too easily, yunno?

I'd take off the trigger frame and see if swapping out the trigger spring will reduce it's weight, get it to minimal sufficient return tension and then tweak the hammer/sear after that
Good recommendation! thank you ApoC_101. I ordered an extra sear from Mike when I placed my order for a revolution regulator. I don't want to make any drastic changes without finding all available information. I hate re-buying stuff because I make mistakes.

I will also try and put a lighter spring in the trigger frame.

Originally Posted by oldschool45 View Post
Have polished the bottom of the sear and where it touches the bolt & the bolt?
^^I was planning on doing this, I don't have my bolt from Mike yet. I did something like this to my last phantom. I spent a lot of time polishing the bolt. I didn't spend very much time polishing the sear. I'll try that first. Thank you!
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