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Originally Posted by Panda View Post
Ok, on the purchase list are,
13/3000 gorilla air tank
Winchester or sport shot
drop foward???
maybe a 10 inch barrel (currently rocking a 14)
It's easy to justify the 13/3k because I can put it on my next gun (my fields fill air for free)
I just don't want to have an ion for a money pit, it seem to happen to a lot of guys.
Also, if I can snag a Tipx or C/A phantom for cheap I might look into it.
i don't think you're going to need a drop forward with that tiny tank. i would test the ergonomics without it first, putting the drop forward in your 2nd round of buy list. tank might actually be too small capacity-wise for an electro lol, but that would be a good thing if you are training yourself to play limited paint.

i recommend some kind of electronic hopper to avoid needing to shake loose some stuck paintballs. on the other hand, your ion has eyes, so it shouldn't need some super fast hopper to prevent chops. so maybe a used revvy. if you want new hoppers to avoid cracks, maybe a valken v-max? according to the official video (always take official videos with a grain of salt...) it's lightweight: Valken Paintball - V-Max Loader Weight Comparison - YouTube

i've heard the primo loader is a very good gravity feed loader, might wanna look into it too. it's definitely going to be lightweigt since it has no batteries...

if you want to avoid that money pit trap, all you gotta do is simply do NOT buy ion upgrades. make sure all your gear can be moved to another gun.

that means NOT buying the barrel, unless you plan on upgrading to another smart parts gun, which doesn't seem like what you need. i'd just stick with that 14 inch barrel for now.

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