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Originally Posted by hth View Post
Hey Mel, was wondering when authorized CCM dealers will start selling the J12? Is a price drop foreseeable before oh say March?
Why would there be a price drop? Dealers do not get special pricing in the first 50, everyone pays the same price. Actually I am not sure if dealer orders are allowed in the first 50.

For the price, you are getting alum panels for the grip frame ($40 upgrade on any other CCM marker) + a full barrel kit ($90 upgrade + matching might be more) + CCM color matching fittings ($30 upgrade). Current base price on CCM S6/T2/S6.5 is $600 for one color, $625 for 2 colors, $650 for 3 colors + the upgrades is easy to see how CCM priced the J12 ($600 base + $160 mandatory upgrades above = $760).

IMHO, no other barrel will look as nice as the CCM barrel on the J12. I do not think a normal elbow will fit on the reg (I could be wrong).

From speaking to Melissa, the demand has been really high. We all know CCM makes quality stuff.

Also told the wait is 6-8 weeks!
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