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I'm thinking as the manufacturing process streamlines it would be cheaper to produce. Personally I would sell right out the gate the barrel kit, and Asa. I would grab a freak kit, and a PE Asa (if integrated rail accepts the PE rail). I also basically promised to buy my ccm from my dealer come February as well and if CCM eliminates the the required option of color matched barrel and barrel kit my dealer will still provide a complimentary Fbk for free.

So I'm stoked to get rid of my last phantom and scrape up the rest of the money for this or a s6

No eta on the next run....maybe at some point CCM will sell w/o a barrel, who knows!

The price point is the same as other CCM's. Milling stuff is not cheap. To my knowledge the price point has not dropped on new CCM markers ever, actually the pricing went up a few months ago, it use to be $525 for dusk and $600 gloss and now the pricing is the same, $600 dusk or gloss, and multi-colors are more.

Even the used market is holding very well.

I expect to see a few T2's on the market.

I think the CCM barrel kit is fairly priced....almost the same price as a DW w/o the inserts.
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