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I am not interested in where you shop, how you shop, or what you buy. I stated facts of my situation and asked anyone if they knew the contact information to reach a resolution.

There have been maybe 4 total posts that provided information that has helped lead to a resolution instead of opinions on how I should have gone about it. Please stop posting your opinions in this thread, I didn't ask for them. It was not in the heading and I dont need fanboys of Tonsixers Anno work in here defending him when he is in no way being attacked, cut down, or disrespected. The guy does fantastic work and apparently I had already met him in Vegas and didn't even know it.

Bad batches happen.

To state there is a problem when there is one isn't showing disrespect. It allows the provider of goods to demonstrate to the public what kind of backing they have in their product. Which was also shown in his post. So far he has been nothing but understanding, helpful and expeditious. Thank you again for those that helped in this resolution. For those interested in the final result and finished product I will be posting them when they are available.

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