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Originally Posted by Scharfschutze91 View Post
I completely understand. I just never wear shorts when I go out, even in the summer. And I don't really go out until night time, because i am working in a law office all day during the day. So it is much cooler at night. And I have a few buddies who ccw a full sized 1911 all year. it doesn't bother them much. And nothing else catches my eye to carry and I am familiar with the 1911 style autos and prefer to stay with that.

And I am fairly skinny, athletic build, 6 foot tall, 190LBs.
That's a perfect opportunity to borrow it and carry it for a day and see what you think. There are many great options for carrying out there and a full size 1911 is a very large gun. Not trying to turn you away from it, I carry a 1911 for many years just saying you should try it out if you have the opportunity. I also recommend the xds by Springfield. That's my other carry

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