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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
.. I was moved to the platform as it was the best fit for the mission I wanted to accomplish get more freaks into the game and expose as many as possible to organized competition while asking as little from their wallets (or Dad's wallet) as practicable.
OK - slightly different from your OP.

IMO: ditch the tourney idea and focus on getting freaks into the game... and that is recball.

Its simple really: 6bps, max. Thats the way it was (in effect) in the days when blow backs ruled the land. And the kids were still plenty scared walking on with the open class players - but if you give them an automag rental things level out very quickly (equipment wise.)

And the staff instructs the regular players to gear back - way back - if you want to play w/ the new player groups. (meaning use your pump and loose the pack!)
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