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Look at Jantz:
Jantz Supply for all your Knife Making needs

Top knife was a kit purchased at Thompson's Scandinavian Knives: Thompson's Scandinavian Knife Supply, LLC

The middle knife is the Pattern 40 in D2 Peened finish, Blade is made in Oklahoma:
Pattern 40

The bottom knife is the Orion (under the mirror finished hidden tang section). Blade is made in Japan and is high quality steel.

And I'm not taking orders at this point (as stated in the other thread). For now, I'll post things up as they become available.. if someone likes a knife, they can buy it. When I get more time I will sloooooowly take orders. Realize that custom ordered blades will cost a little more than when I just make a knife. This is because there is more time involved on my end mostly in communicating with the customer about design, checking drawings, sharing progress etc.

Also, as I get in to making sheaths (rather than casing and finishing pre-made sheaths) they will be available as an option and will add to the cost. There are also several people here that make sheaths (leather products) that I can direct you to if you would rather purchase a knife and have someone else make a sheath.

And in case someone gets picky about a price vs. cost (and no one has yet).... when I sold the middle knife (green handle), it was for less than 2x the materials cost, which included the blade, the handle material, the pins, and the glue. Also factored into that is wear and tear on my machines (having to get tooling, new sand paper, abrasive belts for my belt sander, finish, etc) and shipping (priority with insurance). What isn't factored in is "profit"... which is that little tiny bit left over.

Another reason I sold it for less than 2x was that I wasn't totally happy with the knife. I had trouble working the handle material with my tools, my scroll saw wasn't happy cutting the micarta, which meant that rather than cutting and shaping the scales off the knife and maintaining the finish on the spine of tang, I had to glue up the knife and shape the scales in place... and their is no real way to do that and not obliterate the finish on the spine. So I sold the knife for what I thought it was worth as a finished product had someone asked me to make it for them. That being said, there is a lot more value in it than for what I sold it for.

Moving forward (so long as I don't screw something up) I'll be listing knives at 2x the material cost for a basic knife. If I get really fancy and add filing to the spine or doing other "fancy", neat, decorative things, then I'll charge a little more.

I have no problem telling people where I get my materials and how much things cost, it's fair to do that (I realize I should have included a bill of materials with the last knife). I welcome anyone to make their own knives... it's a lot of fun!!!!! (and addicting), but as a "business" when you get started it's very hard to make money (ask any guy at a craft fair that turns pens). When I first put pen to paper to do the math I figured... "Okay, if I sell 10 of these I can make enough to finally go buy the rifle I wanted (when its on sale next hunting season)".... then I had to revise that to "when I sell 20 of these I can get that rifle".... then I had to revise it again to "So long as I can make a knife and someone buys it for what I want to sell it for, then I can buy more materials to make another knife to sell and have a couple extra bucks to set aside to eventually get materials to make a knife for myself and the boys"

Basically.. this is something fun that I enjoy doing that I want to share, while at the same time building a portfolio and improving my skills. It's a hobby, not a business, and if it starts to not be fun anymore then I'll stop sharing.

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