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Yomillio's Non-Paintball Thread: Gift Stuff! DVDs, Poker Chips, Watches, and More!

Please note: All prices in this thread include PayPal fees as is standard, however, they do not include shipping. Please message me with what you might be interested in and how you want it shipped, and I’ll get right back to you with a quote for everything ASAP! I plan on being home for much of the time following this posting, so I’ll be available to respond very quickly.

All prices are OBO, and the more you buy, the more I’ll be willing to make a deal!

All DVD’s - $2.50 Each!

Here’s the list of what I still have:
- Awake
- Bruno
- Carriers
- Clerks (10th Anniversary Edition, 3-disk set) (SOLD)
- DodgeBall
- Die Another Day
- Sicko
- Semi-Pro
- Saw 2 (SOLD)
- Saw 3 (SOLD)
- Saw 4 (SOLD)
- Saw 6 (SOLD)
- Push
- I Love You, Man
- The Happening
- King Tut: Secrets Revealed (Free with any other DVD upon request)

300 Clay Poker Chip Set - $15
Some of the chips are missing, and there are a handful of mismatching ones. The case is quite beat and the hinges and latches are shot. Make sure to check out the pictures!

V-Moda Vibe Earphones - $15
These have been used but come with everything they would new including carrying bag and various size earbud fittings. They show some wear but still sound great.

Section 8 Shakira Headphones NIB - $3
Got these from a friend and I don’t need them.

Men’s Relic Watch - $30
Needs a new battery, but in otherwise great condition. Only worn a few times.

Men’s Timex Watch - $10
Some wear, but is in good shape. Needs a battery.
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