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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
in your situation i would actually go with a 12g phantom or something equally extreme in lightness.

peep in, shoot, fall back while he pretends to be freaking out. rinse and repeat until he gives up.

like i said, i really think it's your approach at that kind of player that's giving you problems, so if you don't want to change that then there's not much else for me to say.
Allow me to elaborate: we are close. I'm not worried about someone far behind cover. Inside or around buidlings, when you come up on an opponent and they are right in front of you. Someone who is used to their own gun loosing multiple balls doesn't react the same way to a single ball. It gives them too much time to get their head together and think, "maybe it didn't break...". Commence "freakout". Hope that makes more sense.

I am hoping to gain lightness with a new gun. My 98 gets heavy after the end of the day.
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