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I've played my whole 26years of paintball with pistols.
I have never sought out exclusionary games and in fact generally will go out of my way to avoid them. Quite the opposite I've tried to find the best competition and the toughest situations at Hell Survivors in Mi where I play.

In my opinion, there's a reason at HS, one of the biggest fields in the country, that the pump and pistol day folks often say heck with it and join open play if there aren't enough to make it fun without a blink. There's a reason that Bob Long and an 11 year old would go on a run at the Monster Game with a pair of Bob's new pump guns.

As I've said before and will again, what people are really seeking is not a place to use oldschool equipment, it's a place to find oldschool play.
That's why the rules are always such a mess, they really only need to say NO CHEATING, BE SPORTSMANLIKE.

Hell Survivors Referees are actual employees doing a job in which they take great pride.
Rules are enforced. Paintchecks are performed when called for.
People found cheating are ejected at least, banned for good more often.
In big games where Refs will never be enough, there are RIPs to fill the gaps. At any moment the guy you're overshooting alone in the back 40 could pull out a Referee In Play tag and punch your ticket and ban you for life.
I've had bunkermates that wiped, very disappointed as I sent them to the deadbox with a punch on their ticket, 3 and you're out with no refund. Play straight here is the message, or don't play here.
That's why pumps and pistols take the field pretty much anytime more than 5 people play at HS, if you have good refs the advantage given by High ROF markers disappears.
A drive to play 'only with your own kind' is an admission that there are players in your sport that you DO NOT consider your kind. They also give themselves a pass to cheat because YOU are not their kind! And so it gets worse and worse in cycles the longer paintball exists.
It's not laning that people want to avoid, it's noobs with 12 more balls in the air before their first arrives because they don't know what they're doing or if the first 4 will hit. It's shavers, shankers and unsportsmanslike iceholes that people want to say goodbye to.

A perfect example happened years ago with a total stranger at a big game. I popped up on one side of a 5ft corrugated pipe with a pistol, at the same instant as a guy popped up on the other with a Halo on his Angel. With no ref within 100yds we each shot once and walked out together laughing. Had he shot more than he needed to, I'd have punched his ticket. Had I emptied my little ole mag for no reason, he might have been an RIP and punched MY ticket. When you know you don't have to shoot people into submission to get an elimination, it's easy to be sportsmanlike.

My motto for 26 years running is "I want my opponent to have any gear he chooses, that way when I shoot him anyway he can't pretend it's because he handicapped himself somehow.".
I've been able to live that way because when I find somewhere with joke refs, I pack my stuff, leave and don't come back.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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