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So I got a Sniper today

No not an Empire a 1987 Sniper 1 (SN#898). The whole thing started when one of the guys I work with noticed the "I Play Pump" sticker on my truck. He asked if it meant paintball and I said yes, he then said he had an old pump gun from way back. I told him if he ever wants to get rid of it let me know. He hands it to me and tells me if I can use it it's mine. I open the box and there is a near mint Sniper with stock, wood grips, bottle and hardline assembly. I haven't measured it to see if it is a .62 or .68 but I am pretty sure it is a .68. Best part is it was free!!!!

I will post pics tonight after work

Side note were the barrels threaded on the early Snipers? I tried to unscrew it but it didn't want to budge.

Heres the barrel and the bolt

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