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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
I find high rate of fire, unlimited paint paintball BORING.

I can hold my own using a stock class gun against electros or AT pumps with Rotors. I don't want to.

Last time I did, most of the game I kept my head down, taking an occasional shot that either connected or didn't, followed by ducking and hearing 500 paintballs make a mess on the front of my bunker. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Game ends (we won), I decide to go home, pick up my fishing gear and go do something I enjoy.

To each their own but I won't be playing any more paintball that isn't "exclusive". It bores the arse off me.

Completely agree. I've played with my pump against speedballers it was still boring. I've never felt at a disadvantage due to Rof fire or lack of. I use the gun I like period. All speedball is is dudes standing around Leaning in or out. Lean out shoot a rope. Lean in watch a rope go by. It's boring. It's 2dimensional too. You can't really flank. There's some snake sneaking g on occasion but other than that it's tactically boring. It's the same thing as why I switched from chess to Warhammer. Chess is too confines and restrictive. Also I like the mix of equipment I find in the woods. One guy might have a pretty low profile mag fed gun making him a challenge to catch his extremities. Another guy might have a pump and a completelyddifferent play style. This forces you to diversify. But than again I feel that many of the scenarios I've played In the past were pretty repetitive too. Not so much lately. Pure and simple speedball is boring. I really don't see the appeal. As far as choice of handicap I use whatever I like. Regardless of the restrictions. Unless the restrictions are below the tech of what I'm using. In which case I'll either accommodate or not play.
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