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Hi there guys,
I'm a rec player on a student budget...:
Here is what works great for me. BT Trracer ($125 new), Tippman hopper ($5) and a 13 ci Ninja ($65). - So you are ready to play for $200 !!!

Have Stanchy Freak the Barrel $35 and a couple of Freaks - figure $10 a piece.

I own a Freaked Trracer, a Freaked Phantom and a CCM S6.5.

My Trracer drives tacks, is super light, and the most durable and has the greatest effective range of my trio of pumps.

When using my Trracer in the woods I carry an extra pod and can get close to 300 shots on the 13 ci. In a Hyperpipe game I don't need any pods, just a full hopper.

Come to the Dark Side - as one fellow pumper says - We have Cookies - LOL
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