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well i finished the game. despite the glitches.

i think besides the glitch-respawning of sleeping targets, the game also deliberately spawns new guards into an area, triggered by when you reach a certain point. i find that very bad and unfair. they should just all spawn when you enter the map (like the original deus ex), and stay dead/sleeping when you knock them out. if the developers wanted them to be awakened at least they should be awakened by other guards like in metal gear solid, instead of teleporting and respawning like they do right now.

the worst is that at least in one review the enemies spawned right in front of the player: Dishonored reviewed: The game that the industry needs, and that players deserve

the way it is right now, all that glitching and respawning, ruins the see-through-walls power. that whole idea is to allow you to plan ahead with no surprises and the glitches and surprise spawnings take that away from you, making the power feel not worthwhile.

the ending is meh. just a few frozen stills... game it self would have been fun if it was glitch free. kinda sad to clear a whole area only to have the game undo all the work as a cheap way to bump up difficulty. developers were slacking.
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