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Made the journey to BH Photo in NYC....

I've been hanging out in New York for the past few days for no reason at all and I decided that a trip to BH Photo was required....


Talk about big..... I don't think I've ever been to a camera store that 4 employees at once, let alone one that easily had over a hundred on a weekday during lunchtime. Prices were great (buy online though to save NY high taxes), the store very easy to find anything you want, but the service was okay at best compared to smaller stores (I got some serious attitude from an older man who couldn't use a keyboard nor open a box...) and it's a little strange at the till.

Got to play with a Canon 6D finally. Overall liked the layout, for the price it's a pretty sweet camera. Would love to try it out in the field. The 1DX is one hell of a beast in the hand, I think it weights more that my 60D, telephoto lens and tripod together??? Sounds like a sear tripping electro

Also tried out a Nikon D800 (I think, the new Nikon super camera.... 36 MP?). Wasn't impressed by the button layout at all, in fact after a few minutes I gave up trying to use it. Not user friendly at all.

And finally, I seen a Sigma 200-500 2.8.... Awesome. $20000 lenses are cool. Looks like it could be used as an anti tank weapon.

Highly recommend the trip to BH Photo if your in NYC for a bit.
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