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F/S/T - Ninja 2k11 G6r, nicely upped and maintained

Excellent condition black with gloss-black parts 2k11 G6r. Works flawlessly and is very well broken in. Upgraded with 4c eyes, TechT Low-Pro Pin, and Violent Series Scythe trigger. This is an adult-owned and cared-for marker that has been recently cleaned, lubed, and pressure-balanced.

Comes with:

- Box
- 1-piece matching Bob Long barrel (stock)
- Violent scythe trigger
- TechT Low-Pro Pin
- 4c Eyes
- Kila black-out kit
- Original screw kit
- Original trigger
- Original bolt pin
- Original 2c eyes
- I'm even throwing in a full battery because I'm such a nice guy


The only trade I'll accept is an Axe + $$$ (as they can be sold relatively quickly)

Thanks for looking!
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