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Granted I'm not playing on PC but I've never had any of those issues either. Now, I've seen Watchmen find their sleeping compatriots and wake them up, but I've never seen any evidence of random respawning before, and my strategy most of the time is to clear whatever building I'm in, stack all the unconscious bodies in a closet somewhere, and then go about my business exploring/searching for loot. Never had anyone come back unless they were found and awakened by a buddy (and you can normally hear that if you're within earshot "What are you doing? Get up!" or something to that effect).
wow. they actually wake up?

mine stay sleeping.

and like i said before, only 1 sleeper per trash can worked. i specifically remember it was clavering street past the 2nd wall of light, there would be a soldier circling a stack of crates on the scientist's home side of the street. there's a discreet flight of stairs past it, where if you walk down you would see 2 guards bullying a woman.

i knocked them both out to save her, threw both of them into the dumpster and they didn't respawn, but when i backtracked to the crates to take out that guard over there and dumped him back into the dumpster, i reopened the dumpster only to find 1 guard in there. i dumped the 3rd, crate, guard in and then went back to the crates and he was there again... went back to the dumpster and there was once again only 1 guard sleeping in it.
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