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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
it's dead here. field doesn't fill it. says it's cheaper to go with only hpa. can't blame them. it's a better air source for most guns and their rental fleet uses hpa.
Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
heinous - which field are you talking about? I've never had a problem getting a CO2 fill at any of the fields I play at

I agree with the 'get the bulk tank' sentiment, merely for the cost and convenience factor. That is if you have space for it
Originally Posted by Sean_Chip View Post
I think it was the price combined with the fact that Matt was having an issue with them filling the tanks properly. I know Matt was having an issue with them filling his 3.5 oz tank IIRC.
Two things. One, yes, they couldn't fill my small tanks correctly if their lives depended on it. Two, CPPP removed all-day CO2 pricing and began charging $5 per fill regardless of tank size. Jungle has always charged per fill, SCV still has all-day pricing and fills tanks the right way.

I wouldn't call it dead, though. I get two 3.5oz tanks and a 9oz filled at Maxon the day before for something like $4 and generally wind up only using the 9oz (not even to depletion). I don't think it's dead until the pro shops aren't doing it...

Originally Posted by BenoitOWN View Post
Get a 8ci
And enjoy a fraction of the shots. My PPS guns have gotten nearly 100 shots per oz; I daresay that might be the entirety of an 8ci. My WALZ pirate won't even make it to velocity on HPA due to the shorter hammer spring of the Blue Streak trigger group.
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