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Originally Posted by bacci paintball View Post
I had spring problems until I realized I could remove that brass de-volumizer slug in the valve. After I took that out I have had really good luck getting to 300 with a lighter mainspring.

Don't know what springs I am using now or how many shots I am so I'm not much help.
Interesting, is there any way you could post a picture of that?? The only brass thing in both my Redux and VKC Duck is the cup seal. If there's something else I can tweak for efficiency gains, I'm all for it!

On topic: I run a red main, red valve, fluted hammer in my Redux. Seems like an odd combo, I know. But, it consistently gets me 30+ shots at 270. With medium/high grade paint and a mild underbore, it's very consistent, up to the last few shots. Very sharp dropoff. I like Valken Redemption paint with it, seems to work very well. I've been using this spring combo in the Dux for over a year now, it seems to work well in almost all weather. Except when it's about 10* out...12ies are your enemy then
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