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It is paintball. If you are on the field, that comes with the expectation of being hit... Often many times.

It is part of the game.

At my field, we have a "dead man" rule, as our field is HUGE. So if you are dead, other players are more than welcome to use your body as a shield or block. You being dead means you can't say anything, but you are expected to pay attention to the game going on, and if someone is using you for cover, you are allowed at any time to hit the dirt, exposing that player, or run for cover, you just have to keep your hand/marker up in the air, so everyone knows you are out.

This rule has led to some of the funniest things I have ever seen in woodsball games...

One time, I was playing against my cousin, who brought his wife. She was a noob, and wanted to try it out.

I shot her out, while I was attacking their flag. She was between me and the flag, and I hit her, and she raised her hand. But, she didn't move. And my cousin was right behind the flag, hiding behind the skid... There is NO cover for someone my size, and I didn't want to hit her again, so I just ran up to her, as she was between me and him... I laid my marker on her shoulder and started to rip a bunch of paint at my cousin, who was afraid to fire back because he might hit his wife!

I was laughing so hard, I couldn't even shoot straight, and after a few seconds of this, his wife got the idea and quickly moved, and I ran at Davy while he put a few paintballs in my gut! Eliminating me from the game.

It was totally worth it!

We still all laugh about that one...

If people get so mad they are cussing... Really, why are they playing a game? We are out having fun in the woods. Don't take it so serious...

As soon as someone starts using someone else as a bunker, they have become a stationary part of the field, and are viable targets... Once they get hit, they will often quickly move.

If they cry about it, apologize, and tell them you had to shoot near them because they were being used as a stationary bunker by live players.

They will pay better attention to the GAME going on next time!
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