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Vest / Pod Packs

For Sale:

-Comes as seen in pictures
-Shipping/Handling NOT included

Vest / Pod Packs:

Starting from left and working top to bottom:

-PMI 4+1 Pack $19 -Includes 4 pods & Suspender straps
-Indian Springs 3 Pack (Camo) $19 -Includes Pods & Green Belt
-2 pack (Black) $9 -Includes pods
-Rap 4 Vest (Size s/m) $29
-Diablo 5 pack $9
-Indian Springs 3 Pack (Camo) $19 -Includes Pods & Green Belt

10% off any single item
25% off second item if purchase one for full price!


' Direct Mount Foregrip (single screw, for Automag)
' Paintball Hauler (thing that fills pods)
' Freak Tip (Short)
' Deadlywind Whip Tip
' White Wolf Air 'Stump' tip
' Critical Paintball Pro Fit Macroline Fitting 90 Degree Swivel
' Automag parts: Reactor on/off valve bottom piece (the flat disk), AM/MM On/Off Pin, Regulator Piston Assembly, Regulator Nut or adjuster knob (dial a welt), Regulator Valve Spring, BooYaah ELCD trigger guard, Deadlywind Automag Adjustable foregrip (black)

Thanks for looking!
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