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Bell Aliant anyone?

Hello guys! A little rant/need help.

Im a middle class man, living at home till school is done and get a call for basic. Till then I don't have a lot of money.

I switch from a 64 bit modem(yes this happened this year). Old school as balls.

Now I upgraded finally, to Bell Aliant ultra speed. *8mbps* Keep that there.

So with that being said, I was so excited for to take it out for a spin play some gears and some LoL. Like they said I could, and they also stated that I can 1-4 laptops and not experience lag.

Playing Call of duty, lag spikes everywhere. LoL I ran 80-90 ping, now its 118-130, and at least 1-2 spikes per game.

I'm a little upset, call them up and they say everything is fine bvlahblahblah bull ****.

got a motorcycle and started school, never home, especially playing RXL. So I didn't game much. Now playing games again still the same /worst then ever,

(I called about 10 times in total before asking for a supervisor) Got a repair ticket, got a new modem.

Call them explaining what happening still. Guy comes out, gives me a new modem, the first 2 he tried where broken and didn't work. We finally got one working, tested my speed out and it was *8mbps*+ , which he says never ever happens. Rare that it is over *8mbps8 and that most people average 6ish.

New modem, tested speed connection, still lagging... LoL is still up above 100. And it's bothering me.
I've called and explained so many times and they still haven't done anything till I had to personally ask for a supervisor to get a ticket.

Now I called tonight again because I'm currently downloading "Planet Side 2" with a friend. He is running at 2mpbs and i'm running this amazing *8mbps* and I started 20 minutes before him.

I was at 20% and he started. He's now at 88.6% done and I'm at a lovely 44.7% done...

I just can't switch providers due to my lack of funds as of right now, I got another repair ticket for tomorrow.

Any ideas or what could be wrong?

*I'm not running anything in the background or nothing taking up bandwidth
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