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This is my perfect pistol rig. Here is a breakdown of what I have here;


(1) Condor MCR4 Chest Rig
(4) Milsig T8.1 FazMags
(2) WTFPB Pursuit Pod Pouches
(2) Tiberius Pursuit Pods (8 Balls per Channel X 7 Channels = 56 rds Per Pod)
(1) Kanuck Custom Kreations 13ci Tank Pouch
(1) Kanuck Custom Kreations Radio Pouch
(1) Kanuck Custom Kreations 12 gram Panel
(1) Kanuck Custom Kreations Swab Pouch
(1) Full Clip Drop-Leg Holster
(1) Full Clip Remote Cover


(1) Tiberius T8.1 With Custom Fiber Optic Sights
(5) Tiberius T8.1 Magazine Modified for Index Release
(1) Tiberius Remote Line Adapter
(1) Lapco Str8shot Barrel .686
(1) Lapco Barrel Tip Cover
(1) Killjoy T8.1 Compensator
(1) Killjoy T8.1 Trigger
(1) Killjoy T8.1 Index Mag Release
(1) Ninja Remoteline with Slidecheck
(1) Ninja 13ci Tank
(1) Rap4 5oz Tank

I hope you guys like it!

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