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For more on how "reasonable" the ATF might be, about about seizing airsoft rifles because they can be modified to accept real AR uppers?

Read the letters directly from the ATF- they had to MODIFY the airsoft lower, including grinding multiple places with a Dremel, and then install actual M-16 parts, including the hammer, hammer spring and pin, buffer and buffer spring, and then hold the upper and lower together with a pin punch because the front pivot wouldn't fit, in order to make it work. [edit] And supposedly, the airsoft lower wouldn't even accept AR magazines.

And no, it didn't work on full auto, it only worked on semi auto.

And, it's actually LEGAL to make an AR lower, and build your own semiauto AR!

But still, the ATF confiscated all the airsoft rifles and destroyed them.

By what reasoning do you think they'll be more lenient on you?

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