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Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
Thanks, Pat!

I had to bail in a hurry to get home and help with the kids.

Man, I still have 1/2 a case left! I was definitely on track to waste a whole case in that final battle.

I think I was on the complete opposite schedule with John and Tom... everytime I was coming out, they were going in.
I've not ever been able to stick together once we get into the woods, next time ill work on that.

Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
I just picked up a Tippmann 98, Indian Springs loader and JT Whipper Snapper mask. I'll make you a deal!
Bro that sounds sweet but ill pass. On the way to Wayne's John and I were talking about how much gear people go through but hardly play. How does that happen? What's the addiction?

Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
I think we all got wrapped up in shooting orange armbands lol. I know I was. i forgot to even ask, it's all good though. I appreciate the offer, if the oppurtunity presents itself I might take you up on it. I'm not hopeful though, I think the next few months are going to be pretty busy for us.
I shot it

Something made me sick over the weekend and I'm pretty sure it's the sketchy subway chicken I had. My stomach is F'd up and I haven't been myself because I'm so uncomfortable. I'm snappy and intolerant, I'm hungry as hell but have no appetite. Blah
I usually add goodies to my sold item packages.
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