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Originally Posted by sonixr7 View Post
I just want to give a thumbs up to GoG Paintball.

I own a Smart Parts Max-Flo SIS regulator and it was leaking from the fill nipple. As with most cases, the leak was due to the failure of the o-ring that seals the pin valve. However, this o-ring is not a common one because I had brought it to a couple pro shops near me and they did not have the correct size. I even went to a hardware store that sells special o-rings and they did not have it. A quick call to GoG Paintball this past Tuesday and I received not only the correct o-ring but 3 pin valves with the o-ring installed. When I called, I spoke with their tech department. The person I talked to took my information after I told him what my problem was and told me that he was going to send me a few o-rings, all at no cost to me.

Usually I expect to pay for things, but since I did not, I feel I should just post about it.
That kicks ***! I've noticed their name is getting out there lately and people are shooting their guns.
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