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This past saturday I was playing at my local field in Cranberry township and I had something happen that has not ever happenned to me before. We were playing on a pretty thick woodsball field with few open lanes of fire. I was laying down on the ground covering a hillside watching the other players sneak up through trees towards my position. My friend took up a position just to the side of me and we opened fire at about the same time just as we started to get some clear shots at them. We took out the first player and he stands he is standing there with his hands in the air and his gun pointed up he friends start using him for cover. One guy was shooting through his legs and another was shooting from behind him. I did not fire back for fear of hitting him again and thinking that he would move. This continued to go on with these players shooting at us while we held our fire, until my friend who was with me started to yell for him to move but the player did not move an inch. My friend started to shoot again and hit the guy who was standing up, and he finally decided to move out of the way. His friends who were using him for the cover took back off down the hill, the player who was standing up moved down the hill to where I was swearing and yelling. I kept telling him that I was not firing and that his friends were using him for cover, but it didn't really matter at that point..He was already super pissed I think. This was a group of older guys/kids with all their own gear and it wasn't like it was their first time playing. I wasn't really sure what I should of I wait for them to hit me? Do I keep shooting? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!!!
In situations like that I always base it off what the player on the other team are doing. If they're using him as a meat shield and shooting, they obviously want to keep playing - so I play. It's up to the kid that's shot to get off the field ASAP.

At Wayne's world this past weekend this guy ran to a tree and left his entire side open to me so I shot him a couple times and he was calling for a medic. He just stood there at the tree with his hands up. I kept saying 'get out' and kept shooting one ball at a time, 'there's another in your arm' 'there's on in your back' 'one in your leg' 'another on your hand' 'how many is it going to take?' Then I shot a stream at 15bps until he ran away. Sometimes you have I play by their rules.
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