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I've had that happen before, It annoys the hell out of me. I just keep shooting until the dead player finally moves and gets off the field. If they take a few extra hits, oh well they were stupid enough to pull that move they can deal with it.

I also, had it to were there was one opposing player holding our team back so i decided to do a suicide run to get him out. I ran up, shot the player and no sooner did i shoot him his teammate who was in a bunker behind him shot me out. The player I initially ran up and shot started playing on. I was like WTF! and they both started screaming that I was shot out so my shots didn't count...they got in my face and were yelling at me, so i got right back in their face until the field owner came up and told the player I shot to get off the field. These two players refused to take their hits all that day. It was annoying.

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